Eye Dr. Follow-Up

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Just wanted to give a quick update on Gia's doctor appointment yesterday... all is well! The doctor(s) didn't think that the different sizes of her pupils are anything to worry about. They said its most likely a side-effect of the forceps delivery when she was born. (I hadn't even thought about that!) Gia was just awesome while the doctors looked at her, flashed lights in her eyes and put drops in them. She was seriously amazing! There is something called Horner's Syndrome that can cause different pupil sizes, but that usually has a droopy eyelid associated with it, which Gia does not have. So for now, they're thinking it was just a little nerve damage from her delivery. 20% of the population has uneven pupil sizes, apparently. We were very relieved that its nothing to worry about. The staff and doctors at Riley Children's were so nice! Thank you all for your prayers. And now for some cuteness:

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