Super Bowl in Indy!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I know I'm a little behind on things here, but I just had to write about our fun down at Super Bowl village in Indy.  We went with our friend, Lindsday and had a great time!  The weather was beautiful and there was a decent amount of people there, but not too crowded.  Though we didn't get to go to the Super Bowl, it was fun to be downtown amidst all the buzz.  I was hoping to see someone really famous but the only people we saw were Jordyn Sparks and Maria Menunos.  Womp womp. But it was still a lot of fun!

We saw a bunch of people lining up to catch a glimpse of someone famous...

 Who could it be?  Turned out to be no one... the must've snuck out the back b/c the SUV's just pulled away after about 20 minutes.  Double womp womp.

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