42 Weeks

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I  love this fabric... you can't really tell in this picture but it has tiny little flowers all over it.  Kind of reminds me of Little House on the Prairie... a dress they'd wear or something.  I really feel like in the past couple of weeks, Gia has completely turned a corner- personality-wise.  She is much better with people, meaning she doesn't cry when a stranger looks at her.  (Though she did this once this week, but it was a guy at Wal-Mart who was talking to her and, well, he was scary.)  She is letting a lot of people at church hold her, and is especially taken with my friends Caitlin and Heather.  Though she has been teething the past couple of weeks, she is still generally happy.  One of the top teeth poked through last week and the other one is still (painfully) working its way out.  Her giggles are the best and she is giving us kisses more and more!  She's expanded her vocabulary beyond "Mamammama" and is working on a wide assortment of other sounds, most notably "da."  I know I am testing fate by typing this, but she's even been sleeping a bit better.  But that's all I'm gonna say about that until its happened more consistently for a longer period of time.  :)

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  1. Awww, what a sweet photo! Love the idea of having the age shown right in the photo ... after a few years it gets hard to remember, so having info in the photo is so great. Nicely done! :)


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