39 weeks!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Seriously? 39 weeks? That's almost a full pregnancy! This was quite a fun week for me and little G... we spent the week in Phoenix with my sister and two nieces.  Gia had a great time playing with her cousins, but mostly she just watched everything they did.  She loved playing with their toy kitchen and kitchen utensils.  She did pretty good on the flight home, too... except for the part where she got really hungry before we even got on the plane, because our flight was delayed 20 minutes and messed up her eating schedule.  She was screaming bloody murder in the airport while we were waiting to board... I could see the people getting nervous!  Thankfully, it wasn't a full flight so I got to have her car seat with me on the plane, and once I was able to feed her, she did great.  She made eyes at everyone around her and even smiled at them!  She caught a cold, so her sleep has been interrupted by a runny nose and not being able to breathe very well.  But during the day, she is just such a ham!  She really was a great traveler.  That's a good thing, too because we are heading to KC in just a week and a half to see my mom and grandparents!  Compared to the 4 hour flight to Phoenix, I'm hoping the 1.5 hour flight to KC will be cake.  :)  Oh, one more side note... these pictures are getting so hard to take!  Hence, the blurry hand here!  I took so many pics and had maybe 2 useable photos!!  Sheesh, this girl is moving!

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