41 Weeks

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This has been a busy week for all of us!  It started off Friday morning with a first for Miss G... a bloody nose.  :(  Poor baby was standing up in the kitchen, holding on to a chair when she fell flat back and the chair came down on top of her!  We called her dr. who told us just to watch her, and thankfully, she was fine.  But it was so scary/sad for all of us!  Her little nose was purple and red for the day, but that was about it.  Saturday was Whitney's birthday.  She would have been two years old.  Its so hard to believe its been that long.  It seems like just yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at once.  We went to a friend's birthday party, then planned to eat out at Olive Garden (our usual "Whitney" spot), but Miss G wasn't having it.  So, we got OG To Go for dinner... not quite the same.  I was a little sad we weren't in Fresno on this day, just because all of our memories with Whitney are there.  But, it was still an ok day.  On Sunday, Gia and I took off on a plane again, this time headed for KC.  My mom is in the States this month for my grandpa's 80th birthday, so of course we had to go see her!  Sunday morning flights are the way to go, let me tell ya!  There were less than 50 people on our plane, so not only did I get to bring her car seat, we also got a whole row to ourselves.  After the 4.5 hour flight to Phoenix a couple weeks ago, 1.5 hours was nothing!  We had such a great time there!  We went down to a store call Pryde's of Old Westport... its a really neat kitchen store on the Plaza that is very unique.  We also ate at Cheesecake Factory.  Gia was great the whole time.  She remembered my mom and warmed up to Grandpa & Momma Suzie really fast.  It was so great to see my mom, and we even got to see my sister and nieces when they came into town on Wednesday!  Instead of the girls chasing Gia, she was chasing them around the house!

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