40 Weeks

Sunday, February 12, 2012

40 weeks old!  She's been out of my tummy exactly as long as she was in it!  This week has been all about the teething.  Sleep has been iffy at best (for all three of us!), but even with multiple wakings at night, Gia's personality is blossoming like crazy!  She is getting more and more at ease around new people and she is talking ALL.THE.TIME.  Gia even got to go to Girls' Night with me on Tuesday, and she did great letting my friends (mostly Caitlin) hold her.  And she is on the go constantly... which explains why this picture isn't the greatest... she was moving like crazy, as usual! 

Here's a cute outtake from this week:

And btw, that's Sean's hairy arm holding the very hungry caterpillar, not mine.  :)
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