June Birchbox

Thursday, June 14, 2012

You may remember for Mothers Day, Sean and Gia got me a subscription to Birchbox. Each month I get a pretty pink box filled with fun samples and make-up type stuff. Since you can kind of tailor your box to your own liking, there are a lot of different combinations of goodies. In other words, what comes in my Birchbox any given month will not necessarily be the same bunch of goodies that my sister in law gets in her Birchbox. So, I thought its be fun to share what I got, and what my fave things are from it.

This month's theme is Jet Set. Lots of stuff for on the go travel or enduring long flights.

Here's what was in the box: (From L to R)
* Cynthia Rowley designer band-aids
* CleanWell Individual Hand Sanitizing Wipes
* Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream
* Stainiac Lip Stain in Beauty Queen 
* Scalisi Skincare Moisturizer

I LOVE the fashion band-aids, though its definitely something I would never pay extra money for.  Who cares who the designer is?  The CleanWell hand sanitizer wipes are fantastic-- they're made with natural thyme oil and are safe to use on kiddos.  That's a major plus.  I'm not sure what to do with the stretch mark cream... I don't have any stretch marks!  Guess I'll keep in case I ever do get them?  I haven't tried the moisturizer yet, but my absolute favorite thing in this month's box is the Stainiac lip stain.  I've never used a lip stain before and I LOVE the way it looks!  It also says you can use it on your cheeks.  I will definitely buy lip stain in the future!  What about you... do you have a Birchbox subscription?  What was in your's this month?

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