Joanna 4 Weeks

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I feel like this week has been much of the same as the previous 3 weeks: eat, sleep, poop, poop some more, cry. Joanna is nursing great and as a result, she poops all the time.  Usually right after we change her into a clean diaper. Seriously, I will wait 10 or 15 minutes to see if she is finished, then as asoon as I put on the clean diaper, she explodes. Its no wonder our diapers are going so fast... we are literally using them twice as fast as you should!  Joanna marked the beginning of her 4th week by giving us the longest stretch of sleep to date: almost 6 hours! She slept from 11 pm until 5:45 am one night!!  She slept almost as long the next couple of nights. Now we are back to a more regular 3 hours or so, but those couple of nights were excellent! Its amazing what sleep will do for you. Joey's had a bad diaper rash that we are trying to get under control, and as a result of that (I think), she's been crying a lot. She's awake a little bit more this week, but most of the time she's been awake she's been crying. Except when Sean is holding her. This girl loves her daddy! He makes funny faces at her and sticks his tongue out at her; she will smile back at him and try to stick her tongue out too. Its the cutest thing. We've had sub-polar temperatures outside again this week so we've barely left the house. We're all going a bit stir-crazy... having a winter baby is tough. I'm just ready to go to the park and go for neighborhood walks! I haven't even put Joey's seat on the stroller yet! Looks like this next week will be more of the same. We have her one month check up on Thursday, and I"m excited to see how much she has hopefully grown!! I think we're getting into the swing of things, at least as far as being home with the girls during the day... today was a really good day with them. I know there will be ups and downs, which is why I am so especially thankful for such a good day today!

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