Joanna Week 1

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Well here I am again with our first week by week post for our family's newest addition, Joanna Payton! You might recall that I did a weekly photo project for Gianna, and I love having that book to look back at, so I've decided its worth the time and energy to do it all over again for Joey. She is one week old, and we are so in love with her! She is doing great with nursing, and usually gives us a good two or three hour stretch of sleep, once a night. Its not a lot but hey, we'll take what we can get at this point! She sleeps almost all day long, with a few wakeful moments here and there. She has the cutest "baby smiles" and makes some adorable faces. I'm looking forward to seeing how those funny grimaces now become part of her personality later on down the line. We had a doctor's apointment on Friday, and the doctor just kept saying how perfect she is! That was the word the doctor in the hospital also used to describe her: perfect! She gained about 4 ounces from when we left the hospital, so she's on her way back up to her birth weight! We are counting our blessings and loading up on baby snuggles. A few days after we brought Joanna home, there was a huge snow storm. We've since been snowed in for days on end. Its been really nice to have Sean home with us for those extra days. Nana is here for a few weeks, and big sister Gia is completely in love with Joey. She's a big helper, getting us diapers and putting the pacifier in Joanna's mouth when she cries. Its an adjustment for all of us, but so far, its going pretty well.

And just for fun, here are some comparisons!

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