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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sean and I went to a voulnteer's luncheon for the Sheriff's department today that was pretty fun. They had a raffle and I won a brunch for 4 at Copper River golf club! Nice, huh? Sean was hoping I'd win the free rounds of golf, but I'm pretty happy with the brunch. I think I'm going to invite a girl from work and her husband. We don't konw them all that well, but they seem like a fun couple... someone new. :-) The rest of the afternoon I've been working on cards for my brother and Sean's sister, as their birthdays are in a few weeks. (They're the same age, just one day apart!) So I've been using my Cricut and creating to Prince's Greatest Hits volume 2. :-) Here's some of what I did... (oh, and the Fall card is one I sent my brother a few weeks ago. Just wanted to make sure he got it before I posted it.)

^ Fall Card for Dave^ Its hard to see the colors, but its a red and gold metallic paper, and the polka dotted stuff is black and white.
^For Audery....^
^^^For Dave... ^^^
This is the inside of the B&W birthday card.

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4 Lovely Words

  1. ooooh, I want to make cards like these. Mine are so lame in comparison... :(
    Have you checked out my blog yet?

  2. wow girl! you r so talented!

  3. how long does it take you to make one of those cards?

  4. I just now saw your "Friday's Fave Photo"--- I almost cried! My hometown isn't too far from there-- maybe 2 hours away? Josh and I used to go on the Blue Ridge Parkway all the time on dates, just for fun! I am sure going to miss all those beautiful leaves falling!


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