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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today, I have reason to smile. Actually, tomorrow morning at approximately 8:25, I will have reason to smile. Why, you may ask? That, my dear friends and readers, is when California's Central Valley city of Fresno will be blessed with the grand opening of its first ever Chic-Fil-A. Yes, it is true. Surely heaven has smiled upon this desert town. :-)

There were already people camping out in the parking lot at 6 o'clock this morning... the first 100 people get free chick-fil-a FOR A YEAR. We drove by to survey the maddness, just as a fire truck and ambluance were tearing into the parking lot. It was a happenin' place. Well, sweet tea and chickin mini's... HERE I COME! (And I'll probably stop by again for lunch tomorrow too. Ook, and probably dinner.)

Sean and I opted for our warm, comfy bed tonight as opposed to camping out in the parking lot. We'll just pay for our Chick Fil A. Look at the sign! ONE DAY!!!

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2 Lovely Words

  1. I might have misguided you on my post-- the pic BELOW of the words was the one for $125k. The other one was probably close to $1mill BUT-- those houses are everywhere! And yeah-- I'm sure they're definitely cheaper than in Cali-- pretty much anything would be cheaper than Cali!

    We're living in a 1 bedroom apartment that is very spacious- I think around 800 sf? But the layout is awesome and we truly have more room here than we did in our old house!

    That is funny that a Chik-fil-a is just now opening over there. What a culture shock everything must be for you!

    PS-- I do love the new town. It wasn't nearly as scary moving as I thought. I even spent 2 nights by myself already without any fears!

  2. ok, I was feeling kind of bad for you with your fall-less posting, but now you have Chick-fil-A? Come to NYC where we don't have many trees and ZERO Chick-fil-A's!


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