Friday's Fave Foto

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So I haven't taken any pics this weekend that I can think of, but while I was gearing up my mind for fall (since the actual elements don't do a thing for me here in California), I came across this BEAUTIFUL picture of a Fall road taken, where else, but in North Carolina. *sigh* **moment of silent, blissful reflection and reminesence** This is now my backdrop on my computer at work. I just love it. Its taken in the Blue Ridge mountains at a well-known place called "Grandfather Mountain." Absolutely stunning, anytime of the year, but especially Fall...

If you click on it, it makes it really big so you can see how pretty it really is. :-)

Don't you just want to be there, like, RIGHTNOW?

I know I do!

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL picture! Oh, CA is a great place to live but they sure don't know how to do fall like back east, do they? I'm missing it this year already.

    Thanks for the comment, and I love your new look, too!



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