A Belated Sunday Summary

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So, this is a day late, but better that than not at all right? I'll get the hang of this, I promise!

Song of the week: Tonight, by FM Static

Meal of the week: Trip Tip

Fave moment of the week: Sunday lunch with Sean... and realizing that when we're on the same side, we're unstoppable. :-)

What I'm reading now: Sadly, I finished Breaking Dawn. So now I am going back to the beginning and re-reading Twilight in anticipation of the movie. I have also picked up Jesus for President. So far, I like it a lot.

Verse of the week: 2 Timothy 2:23-26

Fave Website this week: StephenieMeyer.com

Random thought: I really want to go to the midnight Premiere of Twilight.

What I want to be when I grow up (this week): I'm still researching what it takes to be a location scout!!! lol

What I'm looking forward to this next week: Survivor?! i don't know... not much happening this week. oh i know! I'm going to hopefully decorate for Fall this weekend... and it MIGHT rain on Saturday. Here's crossing my fingers!

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  1. I really enjoyed your Sunday summary... :) nice to hear the update!

    hey, send me your address.... I have something I want to send you! :)


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