Friday Foto @ the Fair!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today we went to the "Big Fresno Fair"... It was fun and the food was delish, but it totally made me miss my Kendall and Joey! We went to the Raleigh fair together last year and had so much fun! I miss them so much!! We Love you Guys! Fried Twinkies and Gyros weren't the same without ya'll! So this Friday Foto (that Yes, I am posting on Saturday) is an "ode to the fair".... A few from today and some from fairs past... :-)

Two years ago with some of our youth sponsors... this is them and sean with FRIED COCACOLA. No joke.
Me & Kendall- Go ECU!
Kendall & Joey =-) Aaah I miss you!
This one goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back several years! My besties and I at the Tulsa State Fair! We seriuosly got one of almost every food item there. NO JOKE... I think we spent almost $100 on food altogether! Me, Wade, Chad, Will, Tracy
And here's from today... Sean was a good sport and did the $5 photo booth thing with me. Hehe. I love those things!

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1 Lovely Words

  1. Fried Coke? That is interesting-- and kind of intriguing, too!

    Yes-- the mean kitty song-- I fell in love with it! And I kind of thought the same thing (about being a youth minister) when I saw it, too! He has that knack for making something totally dumb into something funny.

    Oh, and for Mac users, they can zoom in and read your last entry with the pictures.


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