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Monday, October 27, 2008

When you have been buying way too many books?

Well... you might be buying way too many books when you already own 10 of the 15 recommendations on your list.

Well I know you'll be terribly disappointed, but I'm not going to do a Sunday Sumamry today.... nothing really noteworthy happened this week... so I'll forego the routine because I don't really believe in doing something just for the sake of doing it.

But,,,, I do have a (once again belated) friday foto... may Father In Law sent this to me and I just thought it was hillarious, being that 'spreading the wealth' is one of my biggest beefs with 'ol B-Rock.

We went to Brunch today with a girl I work with and her husband. It was really fun! Sean and I won the brunch a few weeks ago at a Sheriff's Volunteer luncheon. It was at Copper River Country Club... a fancy champagne Sunday brunch! Delicious. The mimosas were fabulous, the bananas foster divine (so I heard) and the made to order omelet bar was my favorite! My friend and her husband have the most adorable little boy... he's such a ham! It definitely did not help with Sean's baby fever.

Speaking of that, we went out for Sushi in Riverpark on Friday and sat outside on the patio. There are about 10 tables out there, and every one of them was full. Not only that, but each table had an infant. (Well, every table except us.) And they were all well behaved babies, too... very little screaming! :-) Aye yi yi.

Only 3 weeks until we head to Tulsa for the missionary convention. I cannot wait!!! Two weeks of family, crisp, cold air, familiar places, food, friends, and just good 'ol laying around. Oh yea and NO WORK or worries of stuff here! :-)

So that's whats up with us. Another busy week ahead.... three more weeks, three more weeks til Tulsa. :-) Thats what I keep telling myself....

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2 Lovely Words

  1. I love the cartoon! I'm stealing it for my blog. lol-- I tend to steal a lot from you! Sorry-- you have great taste!

  2. Let's see... here's the bulleted version:

    -things are good

    -I'm selling products for an office supply company. It's great because they really do have the best deals and great discounts and stuff, so it's not a matter of convincing people to buy it-- it's just a matter of letting them know that they can be saving money!

    -there are a LOT of opportunities to move up at my work. They have been doubling every year, and with all the new people, they are needing account managers to take care of everything. So the harder I work and the better I get, the quicker I move up. It's not by seniority, just by work ethic and results, and I'm pretty confident that I can put my mind to it and get there.

    -things are great with Josh-- he's getting to play and lead worship at some great churches and meeting lots of great people in the process!


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