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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A lot of people probably consider it improper, unpopular, impolite and very un-Emily Post to blog about the impending election... but its my blog, so I can say what I want right? Actually, there's not a lot that I feel like I should say at this point, because not much of it is very nice. After watching the final debates, I am more bewildered than ever at close friends who are still insistent upon voting for Obama. I wrote a note a while back about how "the greatness of a nation can be measured by how we treat our weakest memebers." If the unborn are not the 'weakest' memebers of a society, I don't know who is... and the stances that this future president has taken and no doubt will take in the future with his potential new power is disgusting. It turns my stomach. He sat in a senate hearing and heard Chicago nurse, Jill Stanak speak about her experience with late-term/partial birth abortions and still voted against the ban on this horrific procedure. I was blessed several years ago to hear and meet Jill in person. Her story is unlike any other. Anyone who can be in the same room with this woman, hear her testimony-- events that she has personally witnessed and been a part of-- and not be moved to positive action, as Mr. Obama apparently was not, is in my opinion one of two things: a- he is heartless or b- he is concerned only about himself. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a "hater"... I don't think the man is 'heartless.' I think if he were not in politics, he'd be a very decent person (maybe). But I do think he's out for his political gain, to further himself and his career, and that is all. I encourage you to check out Jill's website, read her story, look it up on YouTube, and consider all the implications of a man like this running our country. (And yes, I agree the "Why Jesus Would not Vote Obama" link on her website is a LITTLE much...) Yes, I understand this is a single issue, but its a big one. One that wether we want to admit it or not, will bleed into all areas of our society and policies. I have many more issues with this election as a whole, but all I know is that it turns my stomach. But, as my husband reminded me the other day, God wins in the end. So no matter how this turns out, I will vote in accordance with what I have sought to be true and right (even though in this state my vote really doesn't matter), and rest in the peace that God is ultimately in control. That doesn't mean things will be pretty or 'go my way'... and it may mean even greater obstacles for God's people to overcome. But it may also provide more opportunities for us as Christ's body to offer His healing to a hurting world in new ways. So... we shall see.......

On another note, California will vote on "Proposition 8" on election day. This is the ban against gay marriage that will protect 'traditional' marriage. Various religious organizations have been handing out these big hideous yellow signs that say "VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 8." My first thought was, "let's get one for our yard." But then as quickly as I thought that, I thought about some people in my life whom I love very much, but have a very different opinion regarding homosexuality and gay rights. As quickly as I thought about this public display of political opinion, I thought about my neighbors who I don't know yet... by displaying such a sign in my yard would I be sabotaging any potential witness we may have in the future? I don't know the lifestyles of my neighbors, and they don't know mine... but if I displayed the yard sign, they would clearly and quickly make several assumptions about us: a- we're probably "christians" (in the not good way people assume you're a christian) and/or b- we're strict conservatives who don't care about people unlike us, and want nothing to do with those who have chosen a 'different' lifestyle. So, we obviously didn't get a sign for our yard. There were several other houses on our street who had the signs in their yard on our street anyways... if I was concerned about people knowing what Prop 8 was about, my neighbors had it covered. If you drive down our street, you'll know what Prop 8 is. Well, a few days ago Sean and I went home at lunchtime, and realized that ALL the Prop 8 signs had been stolen out of ALL the yards on our street! In that moment, I was so glad we had not put a sign in our yard... obviously someone felt differently about gay rights, and was offended enough to trespass on peoples' property and take the signs. Was it a neighbor on our street? Or just someone driving through? I don't know... but if the opportunity ever arises to befriend someone on our street who has a different lifestyle than us, I am thankful they won't have some skewed presupposition of us because of a sign in our yard. To be honest, the whole Prop 8 issue is something I've been wrestling with. Focus on the Family, Family Institute, and other Christian organizations have been promoting this like crazy out here in California... they run ads all the time on TV and radio. There's signs, rallies, literature and brochures everywhere. One thing that really bothers me about all of this is the way it is being presented... If I were a non-Christian living an alternative lifestyle, I would be so put-off by the churches and organizations promoting this proposition. I don't really have any answers here, I"m kinda just writing... I guess people need to know what Proposition 8 is all about- I had no idea what it was until Sean started getting involved. And its a good thing to be informed. But I'm just afraid we are alienating some really great friendship and Christ-sharing opportunities in the way that its being done.

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  1. I'm tired and don't feel like writing much, so I'll just say I agree with pretty much everything you said in that post. :)


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