Great Idea.... but really overpriced!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So I just had to share this.... I have been looking around online ALL DAY for a company that will print custom board books. You know, like the baby books that are hard and can be chewed on and drooled on but still stay in tact? I want to make one for my niece for Christmas.

I found a couple of websites and companies that will do it... but the quality is just awful! They look like they just stuck a label on a blank board book. (Which is probably really what they do!) One that had full page printing was ok, but again, the quality of the editing was just really bad. And at close to $30 for a 6 page book, I'm thinking no.

But finally, in all my searching, I came across this beautiful book! I was so excited... so I checked on the pricing..... any guesses??? $375. No, I didn't misplace a decimal. THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS!! *Mouth dropping* Crazy. It is a beautiful board book, but the reality of it is, the reason I want to make a book like this for her in the first place is so she can look at it and recognize her family who lives far away! She's barely one so of course it will go in her mouth... but if you spend $375 on a book... I think that'd be one to stay on the shelf. Geez!

So, sigh.... my search continues. I've found several places that sell blank books, and I thought about printing the pages myself but then how will i keep ink and photos safe (and her safe) when she chews on it? One person suggested some clear laminate paper over it which just might work.... hmmmmmmm.
Any other thoughts?!

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