Sunday Summary

Monday, October 06, 2008

Song of the week: I don't really have one this weeK! Lame, I know.

Meal of the week: John's Incredible Pizza for the new members' banquet!! Ok, so I really just liked the skee-ball we played afterwards. :-)

Fave moment of the week: RAIN!!!! It rained on Saturday!!!!

Most annoying moment of the week: Well this afternoon I pulled these really heavy blinds down on my head. Not on purpose of course. It really hurt.

What I'm reading now: Reading? No time this week. :-(

Verse of the week: ??

Fave Website this week: iFloor- we found the exact same flooring we want that we saw in the showroom on this website... $1 cheaper/ Sq Ft, too!!

Random thought: The stew I'm making for dinner smells delicious... the sweet culmination of 6 hours of waiting and smelling that goodness is about to be realized.

What I want to be when I grow up (this week): A full-time mommy.

What I'm looking forward to this next week: We are going to a banquet on Tuesday night for the Fresno Resuce mission and I"m looking forward to that. :-)

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