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Thursday, January 01, 2009

For your viewing pleasure.... 2008 in review.... sorry if you have a slow connection. :-)

January- Hume Lake with High School... awesome!

February- Got to meet our new niece for the first time!!

March- Matthew West came to our church for Easter
April- Bought a new house!

May- Hanging out with my Best Friends!! (Wade & Me)

May- My brother's a HS Grad!

June/July- Visit to Cinci! (With Audrey)

July- MOVE in SLO... God is awesome... he knows just how to encourage us... and oddly enough, He used this guy to lift up Sean and I's spirits a lot during that week! We appreciate you, Masters!

More MOVE SLO with the HS- Great week!

August- When its hot in the valley we go up to the mountains... hiking in King's Canyon!

September- VEGAS WITH BEST FRIENDS!!!! I love these 4 people more than anyone will ever know. :-)

More Vegas... Me & T at Pure.... or was it Prive?

More Vegas.... Me & Wade downtown. :-)

October- Kissing in the corn on a small group outing to the pumpkin patch. Corny, I know. :-)
And this is where our lives forever changed and we become MAC people... so all the other pics are on our MAC and I'll have to up date from there later. :-)
Happy New Year!

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