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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i find it ironic that internally, i am such a homebody. all i want is to be grounded somewhere. and yet, all i have known most my life is change. i say that, but there's another part of me that loves the adventure and is so thankful for the life i have had thus far. i've lived in some cool places, lived in one spot long enough to complete elementary thru high school, and have traveled to some of the most enviable vacation destinations in the world. but i still want to feel like i have a HOME. they say home is where your heart is, and i'm finding that to be true. but it doesn't take away this zany desire to be planted. like an oak tree. ok, maybe not that deeply rooted. more like a pear tree. if that makes any sense. i want to live somewhere that our kids will grow up, being familiar and giving them security. but i also want our kids to know adventure. i've met many people in my life who have no desire to travel and see the world. what?! are you kidding me? i want to raise children with a much broader view of the world than that. i want to live somewhere that i can have a group of girlfriends to do fun stuff with. book clubs, bunko night, theme parties, margarita get-togethers just because... the last time i had a great group of girlfriends was high school. they were the best. unfortunately, i was too wrapped up in a ridiculous boy to take full advantage of the fun times we had (and could have had) together. i'd love a house with a great front porch. and a sun room. i'd sit out front with sweet tea in hand, watching the neighborhood or chatting with friends. i'd sleep in the sun room from time to time, just so i could wake up early and have coffee out there. i love glee. amen.

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