39 Weeks....

Thursday, April 28, 2011


How Far Along: 39 Weeks... almost 10 months!
Size of baby: I'm not sure exactly, but she's big. And running out of room. FAST.
Total Weight Gain: I lost 1.5 pounds this week! A huge relief after the 3.5 pounds I gained last week. I've read that losing weight in the last few weeks is normal, so that's good. I just don't have enough room to eat that much anymore!!!
Maternity Clothes: Oh yes.
Gender: Girl! Gianna Noelle
Movement: She's been active most days, and sleepy a few in between. I much prefer her active days still. My entire midsection feels so bruised, though! It stays hard most of the day, I'm guessing because of her position and movement.
Sleep: Sleep is still not so great, but I actually think I am getting used to only 4 collective hours of sleep in a day. And, it helps when I need to get up early, like I do tomorrow morning to watch the Royal Wedding at 4 a.m.! I'm usually up peeing at that time anyways.... :)
What I miss: This week, the things I've missed have more to do with being in transition than they do being pregnant. I miss everything about Fresno. I miss our home, our friends, the weather, the food, our routine... you name it, I miss it.
Cravings: The only craving I really had this week was for ham salad! I could not stop thinking about it one night, so I made it for lunch (with leftover Easter ham) the next day! :)
Symptoms: A constantly hard tummy, a few (ok- exactly THREE) contractions, lack of appetite, and one very anxious mommy!
Best Moment of the Week: Sean's family came over for Easter, and his Grandma made Gia an Easter basket. I thought that was sweet-- it makes me so happy to know that our family is so excited for her, too. Also, I got a GREAT deal on a glider/ottoman from Craigslist. It was $25!!!! We borrowed Sean's Aunt's Little Green Machine to clean the cushions, and viola- Good as New!! (I put a pic up below... will be great for late night feedings!)
Appointments This Week? Yes, we're weekly now. We saw the last doctor in the practice and of course really liked her too. The first thing she said was "You are really pregnant." Why yes, I am!! I loved that! I never thought I'd make it this far, and as anxious as I am for her to be born, I am so thankful that she is still 'cooking.' My OB practice is really pretty against inducing labor, so they won't do it until I'm overdue or if there's a problem... so we scheduled yet ANOTHER appointment for next week. But this time, they will do a non-stress test, check my amniotic fluid levels, Gia's growth, placental function, etc. I am so thankful that they are so serious about watching me carefully because going past my due date TERRIFIES me. So much can go wrong... at the point, I'd feel safer with her in my arms! But hopefully, Gia will come on her own before then!
What I’m looking forward to: Looking into my baby's eyes!
One Thing I've Learned This Week: I've been kinda going crazy with worry this week. I emailed a dear friend who has also carried to term, then had a rainbow pregnancy. She passed on this wisdom: toward the end, she kept hearing Jesus whisper to her heart, "Don't let the anticipation turn into anxiety." Oh, how I have repeated that to myself over and over the past day! Time and time again in His word, we see examples of eager anticipation-- or hope-- and its a good thing. But the Bible is also clear that we are not to be anxious or worry about anything. So this week, I am trying not to let my hopeful anticipation turn into crippling anxiety.

Pictures from this week:

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5 Lovely Words

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful blessing!...Daniel

  2. I am soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!! And you look so beautiful!

  3. MY WORD Sheyenne... you are the prettiest preggo EVER!

  4. I LOVE this. so very happy for you.

  5. LOVE the glider! And you still look amazing!


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