Baby Pool Contest!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

As of tomorrow, I am officially FULL TERM with Baby G. (that's 37 weeks) So I thought it was about time that we start a fun little baby pool, inviting our friends, family and strangers (?) to throw their guesses into the hat. We haven't decided what the winner of this baby pool will get, but we'll come up with something. :) We thought about promising to name our next-born child after the winner, but then quickly decided against it... although we don't know any Gertrudes or Mildreds, that doesn't mean one couldn't find her way to our guessing game. :) (Kidding... sorta. Sorry if your name is Gertrude. Or Mildred.)

We'll keep the guessing game open for another week or so... but get your guess in soon so you don't risk missing it! :) I personally never thought I would stay pregnant this long, so every day I wake up and I'm still pregnant, I am amazed.

All you have to do to enter is click the link below and then look for the button at the right that says "Enter a Guess." No need to register or anything. Input your best guess, then wait on pins and needles for our BIG Announcement! :) Here's a little bit of info that might or might not help you with your guess:

(We already know she's a girl... so everyone gets the extra points for that question. Just like school in California. Gotta give everyone at least one gimmie so they're all on equal grounds.)

Original Due Date: May 5
Measured 36 weeks exactly at my 36 week appointment.
Dialated 1cm at my 36 week appointment.
Shey was born 4 weeks early.
Sean was born 6 weeks early.

Good luck!!! :)

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1 Lovely Words

  1. I bet April 29th! That way your little girl and my little man will be one month apart!

    Annie from Canada


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