15 weeks!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

15 weeks! Whoa! Gia rolled over again for us this week! What I thought might have been a one-time wonder is now par for the course whenever I'm changing Gia's diaper! She is quite the roly poly. She also gave us her first real laugh this week too! It was a deep, throaty laugh and she went on and on with it for a good 5 minutes while we were tickling her! SO CUTE. She's been really sleepy the past couple of days... not sure if her cold is getting to her or if she's just growing. She slept until 10 am this morning! (After waking up at 2:30 and 7:30 to eat, of course.) I'm keeping an eye on her temperature, but it seems like she's just really sleepy. She's still talkative and happy when she is awake.

Gia was a blast this afternoon when I took her weekly photos. My camera isn't very good at shooting in low light, and it was kinda cloudy outside. So this picture below was the one I really wanted to use for her weekly photo, but it just wasn't clear enough. But hopefully you can see how stinking cute she is in it! She was really telling me a story!!

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  1. I just love these photos!!!! Gia is such a beautiful baby!


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