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Monday, August 08, 2011

Since we all know life happens on Facebook, here's my status from yesterday evening: Gia rolled over!! I don't keep a calendar like I used to (ok, I used to keep 5 calendars... I was a very busy and important person once upon a time. Right BFF?) so this blog will be my new way of documenting Gia's milestones!

I was getting Gia ready to go to youth group, so I was going to change her diaper. However, she was still *ahem* pooing, so I let her finish while I went and changed into my jeans. She was lying on her back on her changing pad. (Don't worry- she was safely on the floor... I never leave her anywhere off the ground!) I came around the corner a few seconds later, and she was just rolling over to her tummy!! She's been up on her side for weeks now, but I didn't think it would happen yet! (She's been sleeping on her side since the first night we brought her home from the hospital. Freaked me out!) I am so glad I saw her rolling over! I put her back on her back after squealing with delight. She returned my squeals with squeals and smiles of delight, and she rolled over AGAIN!! That's when I snapped this picture, just for proof that she did! And she looked really funny because I had already unsnapped her diaper cover and it was coming off a little, so her hiney looked really big compared to her head!

I cannot believe how fast she is growing. I think she's still in the middle of her 3 month growth spurt, because she's back to not sleeping much at night. She's been waking up every 2 hours again... shes didn't even do that when she was a newborn! I know this stage won't last forever, so I'm ok with it. But I know Sean would love a better night's sleep! We're heading to Buy Buy Baby later today to get a sheet for her crib so we can try putting her in her own room at night. Maybe that will help.

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