26 weeks

Monday, November 07, 2011

I cannot believe we are at Gia's half birthday already! 26 weeks... half of 52 weeks! Half way to a year! Well, this has been our most difficult week with Gia yet. I don't want to say its been the worst week, because there have still been smiles, giggles and heart-bursting joy because of our little girl, but she has also been really sick. It started over a week ago with Gia crying and waking up a lot at night. Two weekends ago she was just miserable so we took her to the pediatrician last Monday and found out she had Hand Foot Mouth disease. SO PAINFUL! Poor baby. No wonder she was screaming and couldn't sleep. Well, just this past weekend, on Friday, we were in the ER with her because she was throwing up and wouldn't stop. It was so scary. Keep in mind that all through the week in between, she did not sleep more than an hour or hour and a half at a time. We are all exhausted here, to say the least. :( We got a little more sleep last night, and are praying that it will continue to get better. Today, Gia has been much better. Its just so hard to see our baby suffer. Plus, I think we have a little bit of a chip on our shoulder when it comes to babies being sick... As we were driving to the ER, we were both afraid that she would never be coming home with us. I guess that's not really normal, but when the only other experience you have with a sick baby ended in just that way, well... its just the way it is. But, thankfully Gia is getting healthy again. We are praying Sean doesn't get sick, though his throat is a bit sore tonight. :( Hoping week 27 is better!

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