29 Weeks

Monday, November 28, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This post is a little late and the picture is quite blurry, but its the best I could do. I'm so frustrated with my point and shoot camera! Its so annoying to take 100 pictures and not have one turn out good! Oh, well... on to miss Gia. This has been a HUGE week for our little girl! On Tuesday, her first tooth decided to *finally* make an appearance! Yay!! She also had her first cold this week, and started actually legit crawling. She is a pro at crawling now!! She can be across the room in no time- flat! We had a great time in Kansas City with all of my family. At first, it was overwhelming for her with all the people, but after about 3 days, she had warmed up to almost all of them. Sean and I were able to get away for several hours at a time while Nana watched her. It was wonderful! I can't believe how big our baby is getting. Oh, and she traveled like a pro! She slept almost the entire 9 or 10 hours we were driving!

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  1. Sandi McReynolds28 November, 2011 20:30

    So glad you had a good time with your family! And what a fun time with adorable Gianna. I love those months when they're beginning to discover everthing - including themselves. What a blessing you can be there to savor the moments -they're only a memory so quickly. What did you find out about her eye? You know I pray for you and love you much.


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