43 Weeks

Sunday, March 04, 2012

43 weeks!  Gia has been sleeping amazingly well this week!  One night, she slept for 14 hours straight!  And the next two nights she slept for 7 hours.  Of course, she's had a really runny nose and congestion so I think most of that sleep was because she wasn't feel well.  Whatever- I'll take it!  Once she was feeling better towards the end of the week, she went back to waking up in the middle of the night.  She still has some congestion and a cough... if she still isn't better after the weekend I think I will take her to the doctor.  Its been 3 weeks that she's been battling this crud.  Poor babe.  Sean was sick over the weekend, so I quarantined him in the bedroom for 3 days.  He took the Jr Hi group to a youth conference in Cincinnati and came home puking.  So far, Gia and I have averted that plague.  But, its made for a really long week doing everything on my own.  Thankfully, Sean is feeling better so we're looking forward to a good weekend together.  The rest of this month is craziness with Sean again working every weekend and us not getting much family time.  Just getting us ready for an even crazier summer!  If my parents still lived in the States, I'm pretty sure Gia and I would go stay with them for a month or two at a time this summer.  Oh, well... guess we'll have to figure out how to make do!  I'm hoping to go stay in Cincinnati with Sean's parents while he is in Baltimore for a week. 

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