44 Weeks

Friday, March 09, 2012

44 weeks!  I can't believe there are only 8 weeks left of this fun little photo project.  I am working on several crafty projects to wrap it up, that I will detail a bit later.  This week's fabric is in honor of Super Tuesday!  What an interesting Republican nomination primary season this has been!  This week has flown by... I really can't believe its already Thursday (or Friday) again.  Last Friday night, we had our small group and Gia was so great.  She just crawled around the living room while we all talked.  She is definitely coming out of her shell more and more. Last week, Gia also had her hearing checked.  We are so blessed with amazing friends here, and one of our friends is an audiologist.  She is the one who was very instrumental in helping Sean get his hearing aids.  Since Sean's hearing loss is genetic, she said that we should be regularly having Gia's hearing checked, so she did the first set of tests for us last week.  Gia did great for the most part... she sat very still and only squirmed and cried a little bit.  The tests were pretty good, but one of them she completely failed.  It could have been because she was congested, but they still should have gotten some kind of response.  So we are going to check that again in a month or so.  Then we will just keep checking her hearing every 6 months or so.  This is such a blessing that I never expected nor probably thought of on my own!

Saturday night, Kyle and Anne came over to watch the Duke basketball game with us.  Gia is warming up to them, too, which I am so thankful for!  I think Gia is hitting a growth spurt because the past couple of days she has been eating a TON.  She's over her little blueberry kick, though.  She doesn't even want to touch them now!  On Wednesday, we went shopping with Gia's best, Ella and my friend Heather.  I think the girls had fun riding in the carts while we checked out Target.  :)  Sleep again was hit and miss this week... we got two nights of Gia sleeping 12 hours (we slept about 8 hours), but its back to waking up.  Though I'm hoping that's just because of the growth spurt!

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