47 Weeks

Friday, March 30, 2012

47 weeks!  I really couldn't tell you much of what has happened this past week-- its gone by so fast!  Gia is finally working on some more teeth.  I can't tell exactly which ones, but the past couple of days she has been just miserable.  Though she did sleep all night last night!  :)  Easter is just a little more than a week away, and we are thoroughly enjoying the nicer weather.  Oh one fun thing that happened this week is that we started giving Gia her baths in the big bathtub.  Prior to this week, we've still been bathing her in the sink.  But after I bought a bath mat at IKEA last week, we figured she'd like the big tub to splash around in.  We were certainly right!  She LOVES bath time.  She splashed and plays with her little rubber ducky and cups and really enjoys it.  I think she will like swimming this summer, too.  She's done great at the YMCA child watch this week.  When I went to pick her up one day, a worker commented "She's so active!"  I said "Yeah, you're tellin' me!"  She's not walking yet but is getting closer and closer, especially in just the past couple of days!

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