10 Months

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Length: 28 inches, maybe
Weight: I would guess she is 17 pounds or so now. 
Clothing Size: 6-9 month... but she can still wear a few of her 3-6 month clothes that I LOVE and squeeze her in to.  I went shopping at Once Upon A Child this month and got her some 12 month clothes... crazy!  I don't feel like the selection of 12 month clothes at stores is as great as the baby stuff is.  That makes me sad that she's growing out of the "baby" clothes and into "toddler" clothes!
Fave Toy: Gia still loves her stand up Leap Pad table. She also really loves a toy remote that Sean got her, as well as her Snuggle Puppy that she sleeps with.
Fave Outfit: I love the flower shirt that she is wearing in the photo collage below.  She looks so grown up!
New Moves: She is crawling like a little speed demon and becoming braver on her two feet every day.  She's taken a shuffle step twice, but not an official "walking step".  She loves to dance... any time there's music she starts shaking her booty.  It is the cutest thing EVER.
Teething: Her top two teeth came in this month!  And boy were they brutal!
Eating: She hasn't been eating a great deal of solid foods lately.  She just doesn't seem interested.  She's down to nursing just 4 or 5 times a day so I'm a little worried she's not getting enough to eat.  But she's not fussing or crying like she is hungry, so I guess she's ok!  She does LOVE blueberries.  She went on a streak where she would just gobble up so many for breakfast.  She also still love bananas, and I found some mini-bananas that are perfect for her to eat by herself.  We also discovered that she really likes turkey but doesn't care for fish.   
Sleeping: Sleeping is up and down.  While she was sick last week, she slept 14 hour straight one night!  Then 7 and 8 hours the next two nights.  She then went back to waking up in the middle of the night, but then slept straight through last night.  I think it is improving, though. 
Talking: She is babbling like crazy!  It almost always sounds like "mamamamamamam mamamamamamamama"... I love it!  She gets more and more vocal every day.   We went shopping with her Bestie, Ella today and they were both babbling back and forth in their own little baby language.  SO CUTE!

This month, we have really seen a dramatic change in Gia's personality and disposition- for the better!  She is no longer so anxious around large groups of people and new people.  She is even letting lots of different people hold her!  Amazing!  She especially loves my friends Caitlin and Heather.  She just gets braver and braver every day in her socialization and I couldn't be more proud of her!  She still doesn't smile at everyone, but we're getting there.  We went to see my mom and grandparents in KC earlier this month and Gia did great, once again, on the flight.  The lady sitting next to me on the way back asked if Gia was always such a great baby.  My answer?  Yes, of course! :)  She is such a joy, and is growing up so fast.  I've been holding on to her a little bit longer and tighter when I am putting her to bed at night.  I know these moments are so very fleeting.  

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