Oh So Thankful 2011

Friday, December 02, 2011

We drove to KC to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Gianna was pretty much AWESOME the whole drive. We rented a van, which was SO NICE. Not gonna lie... vans are the way to ride when you have a baby. Gia and I got in the back where she could roll around and I could nurse her. We only had to stop a couple times for her, and she slept almost the whole 9 hours!

It was awesome to spend time with my family. I miss my parents so much! Aren't they so cute here?? Love them!

I got to spend time with my sister and nieces... they are the cutest thing in the world! Momma Suzie was an incredible host, as always. I just love being at her house! Such warm memories.

Gianna learned to crawl while we were there... she had lots of teachers and finally got the hang of it! She's a total cruiser now!!!

My niece, Emmalia and my second cousin, Gavin were quite the pair that week. They are pretty close in age, and one day-- just before family pictures-- they decided to paint each others' faces with markers! Emmalia even colored Gavin's eyelids! Pretty creative! Good thing they were washable markers!

THE game was this weekend, also. As cute as Gia looked in her Ohio State jersey, our boys still couldn't pull out a victory. *sad face*

We played lots of games and introduced our family to Killer Bunnies. I think they liked it! Oh, and look at this game table! Is it not amazing!?!? I think everyone needs a proper game table. I know I do!

I bought a NoseFrida for Li'l G. Poor thing was so stuffy and the blue bulb just wasn't cutting it. This thing was amazing- and gross. But it worked, so whatever.

We took family pictures- there were lots of us. Not all are related, as my Uncle's girlfriend had 4 of the teenagers in this pic. But everyone else is, and it is amazing how much our families have grown over the years! My mom did a great job ordering all these shirts... the kids are in the dark green, the grandkids in tan, and the great grandkids in orange! My grandparents are in the red.

Here's my family and a pic of us girls. Dad's back in Egypt now and mom will join him again soon... oh, how I miss them already! It was so wonderful to spend time together. I can't even remember when the last time my whole family was together!

Daddy took us down to the Plaza one night, while Nana watched Gia. It was so nice... the lights were beautiful and it was freezing cold. We waited in line at the crazy Starbucks and it was just perfect... like I remember it always being!

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