Date Night!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sean and I had a fantastic date last night... in fact, it was the first time we've left her with anyone other than my mom! And we were gone for 7 whole hours! A friend gave us tickets to last night's Colts game and it was a blast! We took Sean's brother and sister-in-law, and it made for a great time! The seats were UH-mazing, to say the least. We were in the club seating area, meaning we had an entire club/restaurant/bar area that was just for our section! We also had a sweet parking pass,... I felt very VIP the whole way! And the seats... 3rd row from the field! Doesn't get much better than that. After a less than stellar season, I was not holding my breath for a win, so when we actually got one, it was even better!! It was fun to watch all the hubbub on the sidelines and see the interactions between the players. VERY interesting! I am so thankful for my friend Heather who watched Gia and made me feel so at peace the whole time she was in her capable hands! For our first date in almost 8 months, it was perfect. And hard to top. :) And now for the photo bomb:

Peyton stalking....


Michael Irving... he totally "good gamed" this reporter. She didn't seem to mind.
Vinatieri before a kick

Peyton heading out to the field for a talk before the winning drive!

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  1. Trying to decide if Michael Irving is taking advantage of the situation or if women want to be treated as equals....


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