32 Weeks

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I forgot to post last week's picture on the blog... I added it to our FB album, but didn't put it here! This week, Gia has finally mastered drinking out of the straw! Although that is the only type of sippy cup she prefers now. Gia is crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything! She loves to pull all of the toys out of her toy basket, and she's still trying to eat the Christmas tree. She's still waking up twice each night, though I don't think its because she is hungry. So we're playing around with different things to help her stay asleep. No luck yet, but I'm hopeful. I think her second bottom tooth is trying to come in, but so far it doesn't seem like its bothering her too bad... just lots of drool. Gia has been so much fun this week... happy, smiling, blowing raspberries and giggles. Her weekly photos are getting more and more challenging, though... most of the pictures look like this:

or this:

But here is this week's runner-up photo:

I got some tips on new settings to try for my camera that will hopefully make next week's picture better. We'll see... its hard with no natural light in our house already, along with mostly cloudy days!

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