30 weeks

Sunday, December 04, 2011

The weeks are flying by! How do you like our first Christmas fabric? I have one for every week in December... it was so fun picking them out! I love Christmas! My pictures have been so horribly blurry lately, because the natural light in our house is way less than stellar and definitely not ideal for taking pictures. Boo. But I thought this profile shot of G sucking her thumb was pretty cute. We went to the doctor this week for a weight check and a shot. She gained 9 ounces and is now 14 pounds, 1.6 ounces. She's still 25.5 inches long. I'm glad she gained, and hope that she will just continue to gain weight. Her reflux has been really bad this week. Last night, after I fed her around 4 a.m., she gagged and just kept gagging. Poor thing. We wound up putting her in the swing where she slept great until morning. Earlier this week, though, Gia slept for almost 6 hours straight ! Uh-mazing! Its been forever since she did that. I am really praying that her reflux will go away (most say it goes away by 6 months... she's almost 7) and she will start sleeping at night better. She coughs a lot during the day, which can be part of the reflux, too. However, I think she's learned that when she coughs, she gets a reaction out of me, because sometimes she will cough, then wait for my response. Its really quite hilarious! She is so much fun-- crawling, blowing raspberries, squealing with delight and giggling. I think she's getting close to another tooth, because she's been in some pain and chewing her fingers like crazy! This week, she also tried sweet potatoes (loves them!) and apples (loves them, too!). I've had to get sneaky about giving her the reflux medicine by mixing it into her morning oatmeal... and even then, its still pretty nasty. Poor girl... pray with us the reflux goes away!!

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  1. Gia just gets more and more beautiful! You are so blessed! Praying the reflux goes away really soon...


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