31 weeks

Sunday, December 11, 2011

31 weeks! I am still so frustrated with my camera... so I apologize for the over-processing of this photo! It took two sessions to get a decent shot with mobile Miss Gia (and finally had to bribe her with this ornament to stay on her back (its plastic)), so I had to do a lot to this pic to make it look decent. Anyone want to gift me a DSLR for Christmas? :) This week has kind of been a blur. Still no new teeth, but Gia is starting to "talk" a bit more. We're working on using a sippy cup, but she doesn't quite get it. I'm hoping that once she gets that down, she'll take some milk in it. That way I could get a break if I ever need one! She's been up a lot at night, too... still every 3 hours or so. I think we did get one night of 5 hours this week. I introduced bananas, and she LOVES them. We still have a few more days before the reflux medicine will be at its full potential, so I am hoping that once that has had time to really work, her sleep will start getting better. I can't believe Christmas is so close!! Here's a few outtakes:

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