Gia's First Birthday Party- Part 3

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


We invited our family that lives close, the other pastors Sean works with and our small group friends to Gia's party.  There were quite a few kids there, and even though we were cooped up inside I think we all had a good time.  I mean, really, what is there to do at a 1-year old's birthday party besides just hang out and mingle?  We played corn hole in the cafe and I had a game for the kids to play. It was so nice to have some family here to celebrate with us.  That is such a huge blessing!  Our friends are also incredible.  They love Gia as their own, and are a tremendous source of support and joy in our lives.

I made Gia's shirt in this picture, too.  I love how it turned out!

 She LOVED playing with these blocks at the church!
 Gia & her bestie, Ella. 

 Our small group friends all pitched in to get Gia's this awesome climbing thing.  She LOVES it and is already a pro at going UP the slide.  Going down it?  Well... we're still working on that one. 

 Some of my girls!
 Isn't she precious?
 With Pop Pop & Gram
Aunt Audrey entertaining the young 'uns and Gia liking the big kids.  ;)

Up next: The Present Opening!

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