Book Review: God Gave Us You!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My baby girl is just getting to the stage where she will sit and look at books. As a book lover myself, it thrills me to see her picking through her basketful of books, carefully pulling out each one as she studies the covers and pages. She looks at each one, turning the pages, pointing at the pictures and making her cute baby grunts and squeals. But my baby girl is still learning the word "gentle" so unless books are sturdy around here, they won't last long! When I saw this book, "God Gave Us You" by Lisa Tawn Bergren and Laura J. Bryant I jumped at the opportunity to check it out.
I've seen this book in stores as a paper version, so I was super excited to learn that it is now available for little ones in board book form. Its the perfect size to fit in tiny hands and the board pages are definitely sturdy enough to withstand the battering of a toddler. As soon as I received this book in the mail, I gave the book to my daughter as she was sitting in her exersaucer. She loved it! She started babbling and cooing as she turned the pages.

 The colors in "God Gave Us You" are beautiful- lots of blues and greens and purples. The pictures are engaging as well. This book tells the beautiful story of how God gives each mommy and daddy their babies, and that each baby is very special and important. I have to admit, I got tears in my eyes as I was reading this book to my baby for the first time. (OK, and almost every time after that.) It starts with baby bear asking Mama the question "Where did I come from?" His Mama answers, "We wanted you very, very much and are so glad because God gave us you." Cue the waterworks, right? This book is a beautiful addition to any child's library. The message it carries of significance and value is priceless- one that we can never share too much with our kids! When you see this book in stores, pick it up! If you don't have any little ones at home, it makes a great baby shower or birthday gift for the special little ones in your life! You can click here for more information on this book or order it from Amazon here!

If you're interested in more books like this one, Lisa Tawn Bergren has other beautiful books along the same vein... you can check out here website here. You can also see more of her Author's Bio here.
I truly do love this book, but just to be completely transparent, "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."
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