12 Months

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Length: 28 inches
Weight: She is 17 pounds, 3 ounces. 
Clothing Size: 12 months, with a few 9 month onesies that I still SQUEEZE her into.  
Fave Toy: She received some super fun toys for her birthday!  Its hard to pick a fave this month as she is having a blast exploring them all!  But if I had to pick, I think her new Cinderella baby doll and doll stroller are her current fave.
Fave Outfit: Without a doubt her birthday outfit- the "1" shirt and tutu skirt.
New Moves: Walking more here and there, a few steps strung together at a time. She also has this super cute squinty-eyed face she makes when she really likes something. 
Eating: She's been eating like a teenage boy the past couple of days!  I am so proud of her.  I am trying to wean her off of her afternoon nursing session.  Yesterday was the first day I didn't give it to her, and it went pretty well.  So we'll keep trying that and see how it goes.  She got her first taste of sweets this month and is pretty much a fan.  She loves cake pops and donuts the most.  :)  I've tried giving her whole milk but so far she is not a fan of it.
Sleeping:  She is still waking up once or twice.  For now I'm still letting her nurse but I know we really need to stop that soon.      
Talking: She is babbling like crazy!  She says "all done" while doing the sign for it when she is finished with dinner.  She also says it whenever she's ready to move on to a new activity or get out of her car seat.  Too cute.  She's also trying to say "banana" which is cute. 

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