Gia's First Birthday Party- Part 5

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I hadn't really thought much about what I'd do for Gia's "smash cake" so I kind of improvised last minute.  I made strawberry cupcakes, but wasn't sure about letting Gia have them because of the strawberries.  (You know, the potential allergen factor.) So I baked a plain white cake, then used a large can to cut four circles out of it.  Then I stacked the cakes and made a taller "smash cake" for Gia.  I crumb coated it, then did the swirly rosettes all over.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  I added the little flags I designed on top.  But of course, none of that really mattered to Gia.  It was literally her very first taste of sweets.  She wasn't happy that I took her away from all of her new toys, but as soon as she saw the cake, her eyes lit up.  I made this little birthday crown for her that was so cute!  She wore it without protest for almost an hour, which completely shocked me!  (Nevermind the fact that her crown does look a little papal... I still think its cute!)  Is it just me or are First Birthday cake pictures just the cutest thing in the world?

 Pop Pop had to help her a little bit...

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