Thoughts From the Delivery Room, A Year Later

Saturday, May 05, 2012

So much has changed in just a year.  I am amazed and humbled at the ways I have personally seen God move.  Our baby girl, Gia was born one year ago today.  On this morning last year, I was a bundle of nerves!  We headed to my doctor's appointment just hoping and praying they would let me have the baby that day.  After a quick ultrasound that showed Gia's amniotic fluid was getting low, we were sent straight over to the hospital to begin the amazing process of bringing our baby into this world.

I'll never forget how excited Sean was that morning.  His joy at becoming a father again bubbled over to the point of near giddy-ness.  As we were leaving the doctor's office to head next door to the hospital, he shouted to the very full waiting room, with hands raised above his head "We're having a baby today!"  So cute.

Labor was long and difficult but we had an amazingly skilled doctor who delivered Gia.  In the final moments, I held my breath as the second heart I had been carrying inside for 10 months left my body. I held my breath in desperate anticipation of one noise, and one noise alone- her cry.  When Whitney was born, the delivery room was so quiet.  So incredibly still.  Just like her.  I needed to hear some noise from my baby, to know that she was alright.  It seemed like minutes but I know it was really mere seconds that I had to wait for the one sound I'd been craving to hear for years.  Please God, let her cry.  Let her scream.  Show me her signs of life!  And before I could even finish that prayer, I heard it.  Air flowing through her lungs, cries of new life emanating from this tiny human being.  A miracle.

Sean was by her side as they took her to the bassinet to clean her off and check her out.  "She's got teeth!" Sean exclaimed.  (Psych- he thought he was joking but had no idea some babies actually are born with teeth.)  "Why is she mexican?" he exclaimed again.  (New dad humor?) I chuckled, but the nurses still weren't sure what to think of him.  But who cared?  Our baby girl was here and she was beautiful.  Her cries were the sweetest thing I had ever heard.  

They brought this tiny noisy bundle over to me and laid her on my chest.  The closest thing to heaven on earth.  I'd waited so many years for this moment.  Its not every day you get to actually touch a miracle.  So tiny in size but huge in symbolization and truth.  That we were allowed to be a vehicle for God's redeeming power and compassionate love is both weight weighty and astounding. For once, the impossible actually happened- time stood still.  Nothing else mattered.  Our baby was here and she was healthy.  And she was ready to rock our world.

We love you, Gianna Noelle and are so blessed to call you our daughter!!!

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