Any West Wing Fans?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I thought that was so funny! Very well done! Especially if you watched WW. Whoever did that is brilliant!

Ok, I feel the urge to opine (thank you Bill O'Reilly for that vocab word. I now use it at least weekly) for a moment on the upcoming inauguration. So I didn't vote for the guy, and I'm not a big fan of many of his stances, but he will very soon be our leader. He still needs our prayers. Even though I think the hero worship is ridiculously out of hand and the hollywood/tabloid droolers make me ill, I will still pray for the soon-to-be-leader of our country. If he can turn this country around, and bring hope to those who were hopeless, more power to him. I only hope and pray that that his journey in the White House will bring him closer to and more dependent upon the Christ he claims to know. Many things will change with this new administration. Some will be better (in some opinions) and some will be worse (In others' opinions). Either way we have to stand behind this man and pray for him with all our might. We are living in historic times. I look forward to the day I may possibly hold my child (regardless of his or her race) and tell him/her about this moment in history-- a moment that signifies yet another breakdown of preconceived notions and prejudices. A moment that makes what was once thought to be impossible, possible. A moment that will make everyone equal. So even though i don't agree with everything Mr. Obama stands for, I am very much looking forward to next week's historical inauguration.

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