Busy bees

Friday, April 17, 2009

We have been busy busy bees around our house lately!  Remember that not so little Spring Cleaning to do list?  Well I checked a couple more things off that list.  Most importantly, I got my winter clothes switched out for my summer clothes.  This may not seem like much to some of you, but I have a TON of clothes.  And I'm not good at getting rid of anything.  So my goal was to only keep 12 of the 40 sweaters that I had in my closet this winter. Afterall, this is California!!  Who really needs 40 sweaters in the Central Valley?  I was feeling so proud of myself for sticking to my number 12... I had my favorites folded and put away nicely in their huge plastic tub and the other 28 stuffed into a white trash bag for our garage sale next month.  But then...... I forgot the sweaters that I had hanging up.  You see, the 40 I whittled down to 12 only included the folded sweaters on my shelf.... not the additional 15 or so I had hanging up.  Oh well.... so I am keeping a few more than 12 sweaters for next Winter.  At least its not like I'm keeping all 50~!  Then I hung up all my summer clothes (tank tops! capris! shorts! bright colors! fun clothes! summer dresses!) and categorized them accordingly.  (I'm somewhat compulsive about this.... I'll have to take a picture some day.... but I organize my closet by style (tank top, short sleeve, t-shirts, nice blouses, long sleeve, jackets) first, then organize each style section by color (Roy G. Biv!).  I know it sounds crazy but I love walking into my closet when it is clean and I know where everything is!

Another big thing I checked off my list.... cleaning out/organizing the pantry.   I hate throwing away food, and I was honestly shocked at how much of the food we had was expired!  Some of this stuff, I'm not kidding, we brought with us when we moved from North Carolina!  Seriously!  But not any more... I threw it out!  Wasteful as it may be, it would not do my health any good to eat it, so into the garbage it went!  Here's some pics....

So maybe YOU can't tell a big difference, but I sure can!  Who knew I still had waterchestnuts?  Oh and that brand new jar of Nutella I bought a long time ago that I thought my husband ate?  Nope, just hidden in the back!  So, there ya have it.

Sean has been busy working in our back yard.  I wish I had pictures of the whole process, because it really had been quite an ordeal.  But, he laid all new sprinkler lines in the back, tilled it all up, and now has filled back the holes and leveled it off! (A big thanks to our great friend, Jordan for helping us out A LOT!) We're ready for the remaining "green" to die so we can HYDROSEED!  Maybe by early summer we will actually have a yard!  And then I can start planning what I want to do in all those awesome flower beds I have along the fence!  And Sean can start working on our patio under the Willow Tree!

See those flowerbeds along the fence?!?  Oh, the possiblities!
This is the tree our 'patio' is going under.... Sean hates the tree, I love it.  We're thinking brick pavers, a chiminea, little fire pit table thingy.  Lovely.  
Hello, nice level ground.

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