Monday, April 20, 2009

My poor hubby is sick tonight. I hate when he's sick and there is nothing I can do to make him feel better. And I'm really not good with the whole puke thing, but I think I have gotten a little bit better through the years. Pray that he feels better fast!

This week is supposed to be super hot... starting today. Sheesh, I am not ready for summer! I was spoiled by the nice weather we've been having and I almost forgot how hot it gets here... until today. Add another 15 degrees and you'll have our summers. *whew!*

We had a great weekend... there was a missions conference at Northwest church called The Harvest Gathering. It started Friday afternoon and I missed the first session because I had to work, but heard it was awesome. The guy who spoke, Pastor Wally has an amazing testimony. Here's a little excerpt about his story:

Pastor Wally had one of the largest underground churches in Saudi Arabia and became the number one, most wanted man in the country. He was eventually arrested in Saudi Arabia and imprisoned. He was tagged as public enemy number one because of his faith and for his sincere desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. He was put in prison by the religious authorities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 14, 1992, and was severely tortured. For his crime, the high court of Saudi Arabia sentenced him to death by public hanging on December 25, 1992.

But God moved His hands to spare him from the death penalty by using his wife and daughter, and Christians, human rights organizations and some politically influential people from all over the world to protest his death sentence and appeal for his freedom to the Monarchy of Saudi Arabia.

He was released the night before the scheduled date of execution and celebrated Christmas Eve on board an aircraft that flew him to freedom.
We went to an excellent elective class on HIV/AIDs, put on by a couple of World Vision Staff.  I can't even begin to say all my thoughts about the matter at this time, but I do know that we, as a church, are ignoring the greatest humanitarian crisis of ALL time.  In fact, just like the guy from World Vision said, you'd have to go back to the time of Noah to find number of casualties as astronomical as the AIDs epidemic.  In this seminar, the guy speaking said there were two prayers he prays every day... "Lord, let my heart be broken by the things that break your heart" and the second: "Lord, deliver me from the trivial, and help me to focus on the eternal."  Wow... what prayers to pray.

Bob Sjogren, author of Cat & Dog Theology, spoke at our church this weekend.  I loved his message, and am praying that it will really sink in with our church.  We went to lunch with him and Tommy & Shiny and it was great just to listen and learn from someone who has done a lot with global missions.

Well, another week.  *sigh*

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  1. I really do hope your hubby feels better. I to, feel bad sometimes cause I don't know how to help my hubby when he has a high fever that won't go away..he hardly ever gets sick when he tends to run a temp wen he does so I simply lay hnads over him and pray, pray, pray. God does hear our prayers and He gives me ways to help him!

    The heat? I'm right there with ya..not ready for the heat. I keep thinking positively, "well I do need a tan" or "maybe we'll get to go to the beach" but yeah summer is approaching way too soon. I'm a cooler weather kinda gal. We just need to count our blessings my friend!

    Wow, what an amazing testimony, sounds like a movie. Talk about God's protection. Thanx for really touched my heart. AIDS is really out there taking out more people than we think:( This world needs God's warriors to step up and make a difference.



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