Spring Cleaning and Such

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring always gives me the cleaning bug. There's so much that I want to do, I need a grown-up person spring break to do it all!! (I wish we got spring break in the real world! Summer and holidays always make me want to be a teacher....) But, slowly but surely, I am working away at my list. It may be next Spring before I get it all done, but we'll see! Here's a peek at my list:

Get/Hang Curtains for Master Bedroom (see pics below!)
Clean Out Junk Drawers:
Dresser in Master
Bedsides in Master
Hallway Desk
Wipe Down Kitchen Cabinets
Re-Organize Pantry
Thin Out Closet
Organize/Clean Office
Hang Pictures in Office
Paint Fireplace Mantel
Dust Bookshelves in Dining Room
Get Together Garage Sale Stuff

Its amazing how much cleanliness makes me happy. We've done pretty good at keeping the main living areas of our house really neat and tidy the past few weeks, and it just makes the few hours I have awake at home in the evenings so enjoyable!!

So here's some pics of the curtains/window mis-treatment I did for our bedroom... it cost a little more that I was hoping, but I did a lot of bargain shopping and got good prices on most everything. I couldn't find ready-made curtains that I liked or that matched our comforter... they were all way too short. (We have HUGELY tall ceilings throughout our house!) But, while I was at Tuesday Morning looking around, I found a table cloth was both the perfect color and long/wide enough! So, when I got it home and hung the curtain rod and sconces, I hung the table cloth then cut it in half. Then I sewed a hem on the rough edges and voila! I still need to work with the red swag fabric at the top, but all in all I am pretty pleased. For more on my mis-treatment inspirations, check out these great ideas at The Nester's blog (one of my FAVE daily reads!!!)!

Yes, my cat is ferocious. :-)
I got these sconces for $5 a piece!!! Aren't the beautiful! I got a different design of sconces for our bathroom.
Love these tassels... they were buy one get one free!
I think the table cloth-made-curtains worked pretty well!! But just don't look closely at the straghtness of my stitching....

The only things I paid full price for was the hardware: The curtain rod, the curtain rings, and the black pull-backs. I got them all at Wal-Mart though, which by the way has greatly improved their selection and style of home decor!!

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  1. I like it! When I read that you "mis-treated" your windows, I knew you had to be a fan of the Nester :)


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