An Addition to the Family!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I am so excited to share that I will soon have another sister-in-law!  My brother-in-law, Kyle proposed to his super sweet girlfriend, Anne!!  I just love her/them and cannot wait to raise our babies together and go shopping after Thanksgiving while the boys watch Football and comiserate during the tense times of those crucial sports games!  And, well, no one else knows what its like to be married to a Wilson boy.  So I'll be glad to have someone else who understands.  :-)  Here's a photo of the adorable couple!  (Please, look past the blue and yellow...they really are good people!)

And just for good measure....

Yes, I am looking forward to our first family get-together.  :-)

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6 Lovely Words

  1. yea! a new sister-in-law. I love my sister in law she is great. its nice to have one :)

  2. Thanx for sharing this great news! I have three wonderful SIL's and they bring so much joy into my life. They each bring something different to the table lol. I am very happy for you Shey...I know lately you've been a little down with Bryna passing BUT God ALWAYS finds a way to make our hearts smile right when we most need it! I pray that you become like sisters!:D

  3. ahh-- I was placing bets on hearing that a little one was coming along. Another time, another day. That's exciting that you're gaining a sister-in-law!

  4. well I will stay tuned!

    -yup, I'm loving the job :)

  5. PRECIOUS!! I just now saw this. Can't wait to be considered family and share the same last name. :)

  6. They must be great people!!! GO BLUE!!!


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