35 Weeks!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year! We had a fun NYE with some friends, and Gia was quite the night owl... hence this week's fabric! We tried to put her to sleep in her pack n play, but she would not have it. So, she stayed up until almost midnight! But she was happy and smiley the whole time. I think she knew she was getting away with something. :) This week, Gia ate her first real "chunky" food- carrots! Before this, she's HATED anything solid or chunky in her mouth, no matter how small or soft. She would just gag and spit it out. Last night, I made some Kale & Quinoa minestrone soup. I took out some of the carrots and cut them up for her- she loved them! She still gagged quite a bit, and most of them landed on the floor, but she still ate some and enjoyed them! I think separation anxiety is setting in... I can barely put her down to play, let alone leave the room or do anything else. I can't see any more teeth coming in, though I keep hoping and praying one will just pop up and explain the intense fussiness! One night this week, she gave me 8 hours of sleep without waking... but that was a one time thing apparently. She's laughing and giggling at us so much now... all I have to do is make a silly face and she cracks up. We're seeing more and more of her personality including her temper... she SCREAMS at the top of her lungs when I take away the blue snot sucking bulb!

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