8 Months

Friday, January 06, 2012

Length: No idea...
: I'm guessing somewhere around 16 pounds
Clothing Size
: She is in mostly 6-9 month clothes now, especially her pants with the cloth diapers! Her 6-9 month sleepers are still pretty long on her, but the 3-6 are too tight!
Fave Toy
: She loves this musical cell phone that my parents got her for Christmas. She'll be crawling across the room, and if I make it play noise, she'll come giggling and crawling over to it.
Fave Outfit
:Her Christmas tutu that I made was adorable!
New Moves
: She is standing more and more on her own. She still can't do it for long without holding on to anything, but her coordination is getting better by the day.
: She has the two lower teeth already. I've been looking for the top ones to make her appearance, but nothing yet.
: She's still loving her baby food that I've been making. Bananas are definitely her favorite. Just a few days ago, she started eating more solid things, like her puffs cereal and chunks of carrots! I need to research what else she can start eating at this age, because I think she's ready for it.
: Still not sleeping great, though she gave us one night this week of 8 hours straight. She woke up at midnight, I fed her, then she didn't wake up again until 8! Her reflux has improved, so I'm not sure why she is still waking so much.
: She still doesn't babble a whole lot... mostly when we're in the car or when I'm changing her diaper. I think she is too busy playing the other times to talk. She loves to blow raspberries all the time, though!
Fave Pic
: Here are a few that I just took tonight with my new fancy camera:

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