EM:HE in NW Fresno!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

This is so exciting! I LOVE Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In fact, being one of their community planners/organizers for the show is one of my all-time dream jobs! Well, Ty and the gang have decended upon Fresno this morning! Rumor has it the extreme build will be in NW Fresno-- that's my neck of the woods!!! I'm hoping its a close enough location that I can walk to it to watch the progress, as I"m sure it will be crazy for the next 106 hours. (That's how long it takes them to tear down and rebuild one of their amazing dream homes!) I've been checking the De Young EM:HE website all morning... no word yet on who the lucky family is, but I'll keep you posted! And if I get to go by the site, I'll post pics!!

Since I found out the show was coming to town, I've played multiple scenarios over and over in my head and I just can't figure out a way to get Ty and the other designers and producers to realize just how much they need me on their team! :-) Those pesky security teams seem to always foil my dreams of introducing myself and handing them a resume. (OK, so I am TOTALLY kidding... I could never do that!) I wonder how those people got their jobs anyway.... I'm always interested in what degrees and experiences people who have my "dream jobs" have had... I love coordinating things and getting people together for good stuff.... hence, my work at LifeChoices. I LOVED that... being a part of something that was never about me, but about making people and our community better. I still have a passion to do that and know/pray that some day I'll be able to have a job like that again. *sigh* someday. :-) Do'nt get me wrong tho, I am blessed with a wonderful job now for which I am so greatful... it was truly a God thing the way it all came about. I've just been feeling the 'itch' as always to get back in and get my hands dirty the way it was at LC.... so we'll see.... :-)

So..... I'll keep you updated and hopefully will have some pics! You can see the SCHEDULE FOR THE BUILD... it looks like there are no spectators allowed for the first 3 days so it may be a bit before anything is up!


Well, as I was typing that post, they announced the family!! You can read about them HERE. This isn't anywhere even close to my house, but it is kinda close to where I work... so maybe I can sneak by next week on my lunch break or something!! Congratulations, Mary Ann & Family!

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  1. Think of something creative. Like take your resume, make it a paper airplane and fly it past security. Good luck...and you could just go hang out at Sears for the next 3 days to try to catch them there :-)


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