Good Friends, GREAT Husband.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our decision to move to California was not an easy one.  But one of the things that made it easier (though NOT a factor in our decision-making process) was the fact that several of our dear friends from college already lived out here and worked at the same church.  Even though we may not hang out as much now as we thought we would, it has been such a huge blessing to have great friends here.  While we loved our NC friends that were new to us in NC, there is a certain comfort and familiarity with people who know you from an additional time in life.  In this case, it is friends who knew us from college, and now who know us out in "the real world."  We work together, we live in the same town, and we just do life together.  I have been reminded how sweet that fellowship is this past week by our dear friends, Tommy & Shiny.  Tommy &  Sean are both in the missions department, so they work together closely every day, but Sean and I are also in the same small group with Tommy & SHiny and one other couple.  This past weekend, after church on Saturday (which have I mentioned how much I LOVE going to church on Saturday night?!), Shiny invited Sean and I over for a home-cooked, made-from-scratch Indian dinner.  Two words for you: YUM MEEEEEEEE!  Delicious!  Here's a pic of our fantastic fare:

Yum... it was great.  Shiny is an excellent cook and especially fantastic when it comes to cooking in her native cuisine.  

Tuesdays are our small group nights.  We are currently going thru a study on finances (more on this later) and it has been so great!  I think it is the best study our small group has ever done!  I really look forward to Tuesday nights now.  This past Tuesday (yesterday) it was just us Wilsons and the Corraos.... we did our study then had an awesome evening of conversation (and slightly weird tasting cookies made by yours truly- still don't know what was off) and sharing and praying together.  At the end of the night, as we were heading home (at 9:45!) I thought to myself, "Now this is community.  This is what a small group is supposed to be like."  It was so great and I am so thankful for our friends here!  :-)

My husband is so wonderful... I came home last Friday and he had these beautiful sterling roses waiting for me for absolutely no reason....

Beautiful, arent they?!

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