Saturday, December 05, 2009

Can I just say that I am very frustrated right now?! My primary OBGYN called me yesterday to say that he wants to refer me to a high risk OB and that he would be taking over my care. That was fine with me. He said that the new doctor would like to do his own ultrasound and then would actually decide on where to go with my care from then.

So this morning we went and had another ultrasound, only the doctor wasn't there. The ultrasound tech said I could come back or wait for him. I just told her to call when the Dr. got back and had time to talk with us.

The new doctor's office called just a bit ago and said that the referral from my original Dr. was not for a transfer of care... it was just for an ultrasound. What the heck?! GR@*^$#&*$@*&^#$ The last thing we really needed was another ultrasound... we've already had MANY of those done and neither one is good or changes anything. So basically, we've just paid for another VERY EXPENSIVE and UNECESSARY doctor's visit, in which we didn't actually see the doctor. (Who, BTW, may or may not become my new caregiver.)

Oh the joys and frustrations of healthcare. (To whom no one, I believe, truly has the answers... despite what Obama says.)

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